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Toxic Mold In North Carolina: Remedies For Homeowners And Tenants

The North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services reports that inhaling airborne mold particles, fragments or spores can lead to “allergic illness, trigger asthma, cause respiratory infection, or may bring about toxic effects from certain chemicals in the mold cells.” These toxic effects can include poisoning from mycotoxins, toxins within the mold cells. Due to the dangers of exposure mold, the agency recommends any mold growth should be remediated.

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Dry Cleaning Solvent Contamination May Become A Hurdle In Construction Projects

The Fayetteville Observer newspaper reported in June 2015 that construction of the North Carolina town’s new bus transit hub is behind and over budget in part because before construction could begin, the state had required the city to remove soil containing dry cleaning solvent contamination.

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Options Owners Of Distressed Residential Real Estate

Owning a home is one the biggest investments an individual will make during their lifetime. Unfortunately, in the past few years, residential real estate values have plummeted. Consequently, property owners have found themselves in financial distress, often owing more on their home than it is worth. To make things worse, many of these property owners have lost their jobs and can no longer make their mortgage payments.

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Making The Practice Of Law An Art

When Laurie Gengo and her husband Bob – a general contractor – designed, built and decorated the new offices for Raleigh’s Triangle Law Group, they did it with Laurie’s clients in mind. “We wanted to have an artsy feel, an open and relaxed feel because when people come here they’re usually not in a good mood,” says founder Gengo.

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The Importance Of Construction Contracts: Clarification And Prevention

A family has hired a contractor to redo their kitchen. They request nicely finished oak cabinets, expensive tile flooring and brand new, properly installed, stainless-steel appliances. However, when the project is completed, the cabinets were left unfinished, the tile flooring was the wrong color, and the appliances remained in their boxes.

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Scientists Develop A New Way To Detect Mold In Homes

After moving into a newly constructed home, the last thing you want to deal with is mold contamination. Mold contamination in a home can cause serious health issues for the whole family. Sometimes, mold contamination is due to defects in construction. If this is the case, there may be a legal remedy available to the homeowner in the form of monetary damages for the harm caused.

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North Carolina Bill Could Shield Some Landowners From Storage Tank Suits

If you’re a real property owner, generally you own whatever is below your parcel of land just as much as you own structures on the surface. This can be a good thing when your property rests atop bubbling subterranean oceans of petroleum or rich veins of precious metal. However, while property owners can reap the benefits of buried treasures, they can also wind up with responsibility for underground dangers.

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Understanding Mechanic’s Liens: How And Why You Should File

When a contractor or subcontractor provides services, it expects compensation when the work is completed. Unfortunately, for one reason or another not every client pays in a timely manner. Because of this, states allow contractors to file a mechanic’s (or construction) lien against a client’s property to secure payment.

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Mechanic’s Liens: What If The Developer Or Owner Files For Bankruptcy?

A mechanic’s lien is generally used by subcontractors or suppliers to provide a type of insurance of payment. If the owner or developer does not pay for the work completed or materials supplied, these individuals can have a legal claim against the property for payment. Under North Carolina state law, any person who provides labor or professional design, surveying services or material for a project pursuant to a contract with the property owner can file a mechanic’s lien if payment is not made.

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An Overview Of Warranty Claims In North Carolina Construction Law

Everyone knows intuitively what a warranty is. When a consumer good breaks easily or does not do what it is supposed to, we often ask whether there is a warranty we can rely on to have the item replaced or repaired. A warranty is a representation by the manufacturer or seller that the particular item is of good quality and can do what it is sold to do.

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