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What Do I Do When My Homeowners’ Insurance Refuses To Pay?

You have paid your homeowner’s insurance premiums diligently, month after month, year after year. Unfortunately, when it comes time to tap into your coverage to repair damage to your home, you may be facing an uphill battle.

Many people struggle to get their insurance companies to pay the benefits promised under their policies. At Triangle Law Group, our attorneys can help.

Located in Raleigh, our firm represents homeowners throughout North Carolina in homeowner’s insurance disputes. We will make your insurance company pay the benefits you are entitled to.

Bad Faith Insurance Claims

Homeowner’s insurance acts as a safeguard against property damage. Water damage caused by a flood or storm, property damaged or lost in a fire, or other damage caused by natural disasters can be expensive to repair or replace. If your insurance company is refusing to cover these costs, you may have a bad faith insurance claim against it.

When building a bad faith insurance claim, our lawyers begin with your insurance policy. We will thoroughly review the policy to accurately determine what your insurance covers. If there is any ambiguity over coverage, we will fight to have the contract interpreted in your favor.

We will make sure that you get the full benefit of your insurance policy. If you are entitled to coverage, we will make your insurance company pay.

What Does Your Policy Cover?

Many homeowner’s insurance policies in North Carolina contain mold limitations. Make sure you know what your insurance does and does not cover before you purchase the policy.

At Triangle Law Group, our attorneys will review your homeowner’s insurance policy and explain your policy’s coverage to you in terms you understand.

Get The Coverage You Purchased

If your home has been damaged and you are fighting with your insurance company to get coverage, contact our firm. We will review your policy, negotiate with your insurance company and file suit, if necessary, to get you the coverage you purchased informally or through the courts. Call us today at 919-301-0716.