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Legal Guidance In A Wide Range Of Collections Matters

Triangle Law Group conducts an active commercial collections practice, which is largely focused on debt collection matters for the construction industry. While Triangle Law Group represents many construction industry clients who work in North Carolina, such as general contractors, suppliers and subcontractors, we also represent creditors and debtors in virtually all fields of commercial and personal debt collection, including consumer finance companies. We represent both individuals and businesses and, in most situations, can help with cases of any size.

Many federal and state statutes must be followed when filing a lien and collecting debts. The lawyers at Triangle Law Group are familiar with these requirements and will ensure that your collections and liens are handled in compliance with these requirements. Because of the complexities of these statutes, it is important that you have legal representation. If not, you could find yourself failing to comply with a statute and losing your ability to recover the money which you are owed. Or you could have a legal basis to challenge a collections matter, but lose your rights because you simply do not know what to do or how to respond to a claim against you.

Triangle Law Group handles collections of all sizes and will go to small claims court to prosecute or defend your claim, depending on whether you owe money or are trying to collect money. All clients receive the same attention regardless of the nature of their case or the size of their lien or collections matter. We use state-of-the-art information sources to identify assets as needed to collect your money.

We also handle post-judgment collections matters to enforce judgments on our clients’ behalf. Please see our Judgments page for more information.

Assisting With All Matters Of Collection

Triangle Law Group advises and represents clients (creditors and debtors) with collections and mechanic’s liens in the following areas:

  • Filing and perfecting mechanic’s liens, including checking title to ensure that the correct property will be subject to the lien
  • Defending people who have had liens filed against their property
  • Collection of commercial accounts for suppliers and others
  • Interpretation and adherence to the Fair Debt Collections Practices Act
  • Collection litigation in state and federal courts (bringing lawsuits and defending people who owe money or have been sued)
  • Negotiation of collections issues and drafting of settlement agreements

Our goal is to resolve disputes over debts as quickly and efficiently as possible, whether we represent the person who owes money or the person who is trying to collect. We strive to do this using the most creative and cost-effective techniques available.

Our attorneys work closely with clients to determine the scope of the problem and the best legal strategy to collect the debts they are owed. In some cases, this can involve a negotiated solution, which can enable our client to maintain a business relationship with the customer. In other cases, it may involve litigation. Before litigation, however, we strive to resolve disputes through informal negotiation or using alternative dispute resolution processes such as arbitration or mediation. As always, we use our creativity to obtain a positive resolution in the most cost-effective way.

Get Help With Your Collections Matter

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