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Creating A Comprehensive Estate Plan Is A Must

While no one likes to think about death, it is inevitable and always best to plan ahead and ensure that all of your loved ones are fully provided for. Triangle Law Group can draft a will that will allow you to distribute your estate as you wish. Regardless of your wealth, you want to make sure that those close to you are well taken of. If you die and do not have a will, your assets will be distributed according to North Carolina Law. You may find that your assets will not go to the people you wished to provide for.

Triangle Law Group lawyers can:

  • Prepare basic wills
  • Prepare durable powers of attorney
  • Prepare health care powers of attorney
  • Prepare living wills

We do not handle estate administration once a loved one has passed on. However, we are happy to refer you to an attorney who could assist you in this difficult time.

We Take The Confusion And Stress Out Of Estate Planning

Triangle Law Group lawyers use a streamlined process for gathering the information needed to prepare the documents you request. We make the process as easy and stress-free as possible.

Triangle Law Group offers a special package to its clients, which includes a simple will, power of attorney, living will and durable power of attorney, all the essential estate documents. Contact us for more information. Having all these documents in place will make it easier for your family and loved ones to act in accordance with your desires and will reduce stress during a difficult time.


A will is a simple legal document that provides a road map for distributing assets upon a person’s death. Attorneys at Triangle Law Group can prepare a will that clearly sets out the manner in which you want your property and assets distributed when you die. It is important to have your intentions written down. It is never too early to create your will. If you die “intestate” without a will, your assets will be distributed according to a detailed allocation process established by law. This can result in family disputes and costly litigation. Protect your beneficiaries and family by creating a will. Ignoring death does not make the issue go away, and our clients feel relieved once they have gone through the will preparation process. That way, they have one less thing to think about.

Living Wills

Attorneys at Triangle Law Group also can create a living will in which you can determine the extent to which you wish to have medical intervention prolong your life. This can be very important for people who develop painful, life-threatening conditions. We will work with you to explain your choices and provide a caring environment for getting these documents finalized. We never know when we will be faced with a serious medical condition and it is best to be preventative and get this issue addressed sooner rather than later.

Health Care Powers Of Attorney

Triangle Law Group attorneys can prepare a health care power of attorney that will allow another person to make health care decisions on your behalf. Again, this can be extremely useful for people who develop serious medical conditions. It ensures that someone can make decisions for you that reflect your desires. If you fail to appoint someone to do this, you could leave your loved ones with significant stress.

Durable Powers Of Attorney

Another important document that individuals often fail to execute is a durable power of attorney. This document allows for another person to handle your estate matters should you become unable to do so while you are still living. Vital decisions regarding payment of debts and use of assets are necessary should you become ill and incapable of handling your estate. This document enables you to designate a person to handle your estate and establish guidelines as to what assets in your estate may be used to cover your expenses in the last years of your life. Triangle Law Group lawyers can assist you with explaining the document and executing a power of attorney form that is right for you.

Pet Trusts

In addition to our standard estate planning package, which includes a power of attorney, living will, basic will, and health care durable power of attorney, we have expanded our practice area to include pet trusts. Providing for your pet in your will may not be enough — a pet trust provides security, peace of mind and comfort knowing that your pet is provided for in the event of your death or disability. You can provide for all of your beloved pet beneficiaries in a single pet trust and give care instructions for all aspects of your pet’s life in the trust — from their exercise habits and favorite places to walk, to their favorite toys and food.

Get Us Started Creating Your Estate Plan

Contact the attorneys at Triangle Law Group and let us assist you with your will and estate needs. Call us for more information or to schedule an appointment to get started on your estate documents