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Protecting Your Rights Regarding Licensing Issues

Triangle Law Group assists real estate brokers and members of the construction profession, including general contractors, with licensing law issues. You may be interested in obtaining a license, or if you have a license, someone may be challenging it. Your real estate, general contractor or other professional construction license is your livelihood, and it is important that you take all available measures to protect it. Triangle Law Group has extensive experience in doing this for its clients.

Being a real estate broker in Raleigh or anywhere in North Carolina can be an enormously rewarding job. From finding an exciting commercial space for an entrepreneur to helping newlyweds buy their first home, real estate brokers are a vital part of the economy. However, obtaining and maintaining a real estate license requires due diligence and strict compliance with licensing law and regulations set by the North Carolina Real Estate Commission.

Representation For Real Estate Professionals

Obtaining and protecting your real estate license is essential to your livelihood and requires a clear understanding of licensing law. At Triangle Law Group, we have firsthand experience with all issues related to real estate licenses.

Contact us today for a consultation about any real estate licensing law question. We will respond promptly to your inquiry.

Triangle Law Group can help real estate brokers with a variety of needs, including:

  • Completing the licensing application and counseling applicants on what material facts to provide
  • Applying for renewals if a legal issue has arisen in the past year
  • Helping achieve reinstatement of a real estate broker’s license with the North Carolina Real Estate Commission by appealing any revocation, lapse or suspension
  • Responding to complaints filed with the North Carolina Real Estate Commission by customers and defending brokers in administrative hearings
  • Filing a lawsuit to recover commissions owed or for other relief
  • Defending lawsuits brought by former customers or others
  • Reviewing and drafting necessary legal documents associated with short sales

Assisting Real Estate Brokers

Triangle Law Group also assists real estate firms with their business law matters and represents them in litigation as necessary. In the world of real estate, legal disputes with customers and other brokers commonly arise. Triangle Law Group can advise brokers on how best to handle a situation. If you need to file a lawsuit or defend yourself in a suit filed by someone else, Triangle Law Group can help protect your interests.

Realtors Cannot Practice Law

One important issue for real estate brokers to recognize is that they cannot practice law unless they have a law license. Brokers should contact an attorney to advise their clients on legal issues related to short sales. Failure to adequately protect your client could pose a serious threat to your real estate license. See our real estate page for more information on this important issue.

A Lawyer And A Realtor

Laurie Gengo, the owner of Triangle Law Group, is an attorney and licensed real estate broker who runs her own real estate firm. She regularly attends required and elective continuing education courses to keep up to date with new developments. This allows her to represent her broker clients more effectively than most attorneys.

Laurie understands the nuances of North Carolina licensing law and the detailed obligations applicable to real estate brokers. She can provide knowledgeable counsel during the license application process and advise you when questions arise. Our attorneys always keep up to date with the changes to licensing law and regulations. Being a business owner and broker, Laurie has a true understanding of the stresses of your real estate practice. Let us use our creativity to resolve your licensing law issues.

Protecting Your License After A Complaint

Triangle Law Group helps real estate brokers obtain, maintain and defend their licenses and protect their most important asset — their ability to make a living.

If a complaint is raised against you, we will do our best to negotiate a settlement that minimizes the impact on your license. If the issue is raised before the North Carolina Real Estate Commission, we can perform appropriate, timely investigations and inquiries, draft a response to the complaints and represent you at any disciplinary hearings. Always secure legal advice if a complaint is filed against you.

The commission hearing is informal, but the result can be a revocation or suspension of your license. It is adversarial in nature, so it is advantageous to have an effective attorney represent you. There are also deadlines for responding to inquiries from the North Carolina Real Estate Commission and for scheduling hearings so it is important to comply with these deadlines. Contact Laurie B. Gengo and Triangle Law Group as soon as you receive such a notice so she can work to protect your rights.

Our Other Services

In addition to licensing law, we can provide knowledgeable counsel and representation in a variety of areas important to your business. We handle residential and commercial real estate law, collections, landlord-tenant matters, environmental issues, business formation, contracts, and transactions and provide general business counsel to our clients. Triangle Law Group also helps to resolve disputes cost-effectively through negotiation, mediation, arbitration or litigation

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