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Handling A Wide Array Of Real Estate Law Matters In North Carolina

Owning a home or purchasing investment property is one of the biggest investments a person makes. Triangle Law Group can help buyers and sellers understand the legal issues associated with their real estate transactions. We can review your contract and make modifications to protect your interests. Laurie Gengo, the founder and owner of Triangle Law Group, is also a licensed North Carolina real estate broker who understands the various form contracts commonly used by real estate brokers. Unfortunately, sometimes these form documents do not adequately protect the buyer or seller and changes are needed. A North Carolina real estate broker may not edit a contract, so you need an attorney who can provide the necessary contract revisions.

Whether you are negotiating an offer to contract or purchase, a lease with an option to purchase, or a short sale or are considering foreclosure, Triangle Law Group attorneys can help protect your interests. Our lawyers have extensive experience dealing with the legal issues presented by each of these types of real estate transactions. For more information on short sales and foreclosures and landlord-tenant issues, review our practice page on these areas.

Triangle Law Group advises and represents clients in residential real estate matters such as:

Our clients include buyers of custom and tract homes, contractors, subcontractors, real estate brokers, remodelers and others. We do not handle real estate closings, but are happy to refer you to an attorney who does.

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Preventing Residential And Commercial Real Estate Problems

Triangle Law Group can help homebuyers and real estate investors understand their real estate purchase contract and their rights should the seller fail to live up to the contract’s terms. We can recommend improvements in contracts that can better protect our clients’ rights and minimize their legal risks. We also assist general contractors with contract drafting and contract disputes. People can save significant frustration and money by contacting a lawyer before they sign a contract.

Our firm works with all types of homebuyers, including those purchasing existing homes and condominiums as well as clients purchasing newly built custom and tract homes. We also assist clients with issues related to remodeling. Triangle Law Group also represents general contractors and subcontractors in residential construction issues. Our experience working with all players in real estate transactions better prepares us to anticipate issues and arguments.

An Experienced Lawyer And Broker

Laurie Gengo is a licensed real estate broker in addition to being a practicing real estate lawyer. She understands what can go wrong in a residential real estate transaction — and how to find a solution when it does.

Laurie and the other attorneys at Triangle Law Group work closely with clients throughout the transaction process to get things done right the first time, by insisting on protective language in real estate contracts and clauses that preserve clients’ legal options. Laurie works hard to ensure that homebuyers understand their obligations under their contracts.

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