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Breach Of Contract Disputes During Construction Projects

Construction contract disputes can derail remodeling and put commercial development projects on hold. Wasted time means lost money. If you are involved in a contract dispute, you need a team of experienced lawyers.

At Triangle Law Group, our lawyers are experienced litigators. We find smart, creative solutions that resolve construction contract disputes efficiently while protecting our clients’ financial interests.

Located in Raleigh, we represent homeowners, commercial property owners, contractors and subcontractors in Wake County and throughout North Carolina during contract disputes.

Protect Your Interests During Construction Contract Disputes

Construction projects involve many moving pieces and many parties. When one person fails to perform up to the standards laid out in a contract, the entire project is delayed. Common construction breach of contract claims include:

  • Defects
  • Delays
  • Failure to perform the scope of work laid out in the contract
  • Nonpayment disputes

When resolving a dispute, we have one goal: protecting your financial rights. Our attorneys think outside the box and develop innovative solutions that get results.

We will take all steps necessary to protect your rights, including securing and defending against mechanic’s liens and filing suit in state or federal court. We also handle collections.

When possible, we strive to resolve disputes out of court, through settlement, mediation or arbitration. However, if trial is necessary to protect your rights, we are ready. Our lawyers are skilled litigators with a proven track record of litigation success.

Make Sure You Are Not Giving Away Your Rights

Many homeowners sign construction contracts without getting legal advice. This is a mistake. Many construction contracts favor contractors over homeowners. When defects or other disputes arise, homeowners are often surprised to learn they have given away their right to sue and waived certain claims otherwise provided under North Carolina law.

If you have an arbitration clause in your construction contract, your only path to dispute resolution likely is through arbitration, not in court. At Triangle Law Group, our attorneys will review proposed construction contracts before you sign, making sure you fully understand your rights and responsibilities under the contract.

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Get the legal help you need to protect your interests during construction contract disputes. Contact Triangle Law Group today at 919-301-0716 or 877-427-1252 or contact us online. Our lawyers will sit down with you, review your situation and create a strategic legal plan that protects your rights.