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Environmental Litigation

At Triangle Law Group, we provide a wide range of services in the environmental law area for individual property owners, renters, developers, homebuilders, corporations and engineering firms. We can advise you of environmental liabilities associated with the purchase of real property or help you address situations involving toxic mold, lead paint and other serious environmental matters.

Our lawyers advise and represent clients in matters such as:

  • Review of Phase 1 environmental site assessments
  • Toxic mold litigation
  • Landlord-tenant issues related to toxic mold
  • Review of construction and real estate contracts and drafting of environmental indemnity and warranty clauses
  • Environmental litigation involving private claims
  • Underground storage tank and dry cleaning solvent contaminated properties
  • Defense against alleged violations of state and federal environmental regulations
  • Drainage, runoff and underground tank violations
  • Claims involving toxic tort, groundwater and environmental contamination
  • Risk management in environmental transactions

Contact us to put our firm’s experience and innovative approach to toxic mold and environmental law matters to work for you.

Toxic Mold Issues Often Arise During Construction

Construction issues such as improperly installed flashing or plumbing leaks can cause water intrusion into a building, which encourages the growth of toxic mold. These problems can occur in residential and commercial buildings, regardless of age. Such issues are common and often overlooked.

In addition to threatening the value of the property, certain types of toxic mold can lead to serious illnesses, including respiratory problems, allergies, asthma and skin ailments. These can persist until the cause of the problem, mold caused by water intrusion, is resolved. This is usually accomplished through very costly and extensive remediation efforts. If you are dealing with a mold issue, it is important to obtain legal advice as soon as possible. There can be significant liabilities associated with toxic mold issues. Triangle Law Group can work through these difficult issues with you and provide you with the guidance you need to get the situation resolved.

Triangle Law Group represents property owners, tenants, contractors, subcontractors and landlords in toxic mold issues. We take necessary action to obtain compensation for our clients, which can be used for remediation and building restoration efforts.

We Are Leaders In Toxic Mold Litigation

Laurie B. Gengo, the owner of Triangle Law Group, has been a leader in toxic mold litigation for many years. Laurie and other Triangle Law Group attorneys have extensive experience in the area of toxic mold. We have handled cases ranging from massive mold contamination at major North Carolina universities to tenant disputes against landlords arising from failure to perform necessary repairs to rental property. Triangle Law Group has a network of experts who can be called to assist in handling your claim. Triangle Law Group has been retained by other attorneys and lawyers to assist them in handling toxic mold cases due to our reputation in this area of law. We understand the ailments caused by toxic mold and how to develop and organize scientific data in a manner favorable to our clients, regardless of whether they are prosecuting or defending a mold dispute.

We are also experienced construction defect lawyers who understand construction techniques and construction defects. We will document the underlying causes of the water intrusion and can argue your case in a persuasive manner. When necessary, we can call upon experts in construction and water-proofing products and techniques who can support your case. We assist general contractors and subcontractors in litigation and disputes related to mold issues, as well as individuals impacted by mold and construction problems.

We Advise On A Wide Range Of Environmental Issues

Unknown environmental problems can destroy the value of real estate. If you are purchasing or selling real property, whether it is raw land or an existing building, you must be aware of your environmental liabilities. Failure to investigate environmental issues can result in huge liabilities in the future.

At Triangle Law Group, we can help you understand your environmental risks in connection with your real estate investment. We work with industry professionals to identify environmental issues and negotiate appropriate contractual provisions to protect your interests. Our goal is to educate our clients and minimize their long-term liability exposure with respect to their real property.

Representation In Administrative And Legal Venues

Triangle Law Group represents clients in all administrative and legal venues, including hearings before the North Carolina Department of Environment, Health and Natural Resources and the federal Environmental Protection Agency, as well as in state and federal courts. We also handle civil penalty challenges that have been assessed by state regulatory agencies.

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