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Scientists Develop A New Way To Detect Mold In Homes

After moving into a newly constructed home, the last thing you want to deal with is mold contamination. Mold contamination in a home can cause serious health issues for the whole family. Sometimes, mold contamination is due to defects in construction. If this is the case, there may be a legal remedy available to the homeowner in the form of monetary damages for the harm caused.

New Way To Detect Mold Contamination

Mold contamination is not just a problem with newly constructed homes; it is also becoming an increasing problem in foreclosed homes. Many of these homes sit for long periods of time with little to no ventilation. Because mold contamination is such a major concern in this country, scientists have come up with a new way to detect even low levels of mold contamination in homes.

Currently, the tests required to detect mold contamination are time consuming and require a lot of labor. Some say that the old tests, which require growing the mold in a laboratory, do not even work for every kind of mold that could potentially be lurking in homes. The new test does not require the mold to be grown in a laboratory for analysis, so the time it takes to analyze the mold is much less.

Construction Defects And Mold

It can be very expensive to clear up mold contamination because of the high cost of repairing the home and treating health problems that can result from exposure to the mold. Homeowners should not have to bear these costs if the mold contamination resulted from construction defects. People all over the country have experienced issues due to mold contamination and many have recovered money for their losses. In California, people who sued over mold contamination recovered as much as $13.3 million for construction defects that caused the contamination.

Some states have laws either made by the legislature or decisions made by the courts that protect homeowners against construction defects. A legal claim could also be based on a breach of the contract between the homeowner and the construction company. The homeowners can recover damages for personal injuries caused by the mold contamination and economic damages for having to clean up the mold.

A personal injury attorney can help homeowners struggling with mold contamination determine if they have a viable claim and, if so, recover for their losses. A lot of evidence may be needed to prove that the mold contamination was caused by construction defects and that the mold contamination actually caused the homeowner personal or economic injury. An attorney can help homeowners uncover this evidence and put all the pieces together.