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Important Issues Regarding Mechanic’s Liens

At Triangle Law Group, we represent contractors, subcontractors and suppliers with mechanic’s lien claims in Raleigh and Wake County and throughout North Carolina. We also represent property owners who have had liens filed against their properties.

Filing A Mechanic’s Lien

If you are owed money on a construction project, you must act quickly. Strict guidelines and deadlines apply to the filing of mechanic’s liens.

Triangle Law Group is familiar with these guidelines and will take prompt action to be sure you do not lose your right to collect your hard-earned money. Our lawyers work closely with clients to determine the issues regarding nonpayment and to develop a creative, legal strategy to getting them paid. We may be able to negotiate a resolution of your collections matter and preserve your business relationship with the person who owes you money.

Property Owners Who Have Had A Lien Filed Against Their Property

If you own a commercial or residential property and a lien has been filed against it, there are several issues for which you should seek legal assistance immediately. You need an attorney to review whether the lien is valid. A lien constitutes a title defect and can impair your ability to obtain financing and adversely impact your credit. Attorneys at Triangle Law Group are up to date on developments in lien law and can evaluate your situation and advise you of your legal rights.

We Will Protect Your Rights

Construction disputes can have serious financial impacts. For help securing a lien and protecting your right to payment or having a lien removed from your property, call 919-301-0716 or 877-427-1252 or contact us online.