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Legal Guidance For Homeowner And Condo Association Issues

Triangle Law Group handles all types of homeowners association (or common interest community) legal issues, ranging from fee disputes to litigation. While your HOA acts as a governing body for your housing development or condominium, your covenants and bylaws may arm you with rights to challenge management in a dispute.

Many people recognize their HOA board only as a governing body that enforces rules for the community, such as property maintenance regulations and resident conduct. While this is true, it does not mean there is nothing you can do! HOAs are becoming more prevalent, making it extremely important to know the terms of your agreements and covenants and to be sure you understand the consequences should you breach these agreements. Many people ignore these fees and do not understand that failing to pay dues can lead to your HOA foreclosing on your home! This is not an issue you should tackle without legal counsel experienced in real estate and HOA law.

Although Triangle Law Group is located in Raleigh, our lawyers represent clients throughout Raleigh. Triangle Law Group advises and represents residents of HOAs in matters involving:

  • Reviewing and interpreting HOA agreements prior to purchasing a home
  • Reviewing and interpreting HOA agreements for your current neighborhood
  • Negotiating past-due accounts and fines
  • Disputes involving HOA board mismanagement or an HOA board exceeding its power
  • Resolving disputes involving property usage, signage, common area maintenance charges and excessive fines
  • Foreclosures by HOAs

The law surrounding representation of HOAs is complicated and the facts of each case are unique. What may be true for you is different for the neighborhood across the street. Our attorneys work closely with clients to determine the scope of the problem and the best legal strategy to solve their dispute with their HOA.

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