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Resolutions To Landlord-Tenant Disputes

Triangle Law Group handles all types of landlord-tenant matters, ranging from simple issues to complex litigation. In this economic climate, it is critical to know the terms of your lease to be sure you understand your duties and obligations. Laurie Gengo, the owner of Triangle Law Group, is a landlord who brings her own real-world experience to help her effectively handle landlord-tenant disputes.

Although Triangle Law Group is located in Raleigh, we represent clients throughout North Carolina. Many landlord-tenant issues can be handled by telephone consultation with one of our attorneys. We represent both landlords and tenants because by doing so, we understand the issues that can be raised by all parties. This allows us to be fully prepared whether we represent a landlord or a tenant and enables us to get the best results for our clients.

A large part of our practice is dedicated to helping real estate brokers and investors with short sale and foreclosure properties. We can provide assistance in reviewing agreements, negotiating with lenders and protecting sellers’ and investors’ interests in real estate transactions. Once an investor purchases a property, we can draft a lease for use in renting out the property to a tenant.

Providing Comprehensive Legal Representation To Landlords And Tenants

Triangle Law Group represents landlords, property managers and tenants with commercial and residential lease matters, including:

  • Drafting, review and negotiation of residential and commercial leases
  • Representation of real estate investors who are purchasing or wish to purchase properties in foreclosure or through a short sale
  • Resolution of disputes involving property usage, signage and common area maintenance charges
  • Negotiations to alter lease terms or to terminate a lease
  • Lease buyouts and lease workouts
  • Advising clients where there is no written lease
  • Collection of overdue lease payments
  • Eviction proceedings in residential and commercial lease issues
  • Toxic mold litigation
  • Lawsuits in state or federal court

Our extensive landlord-tenant and litigation experience allows us to quickly analyze the issue and move forward to finding a prompt, cost-effective solution. Where possible, we use informal negotiations to resolve leasing issues. We always use our creativity to resolve our clients’ legal issues as quickly and cost-effectively as possible.

Laurie B. Gengo is a real estate broker, landlord and investor as well as a lawyer. Her breadth of experience in these areas allows her to provide effective, practical advice to her investor clients.

We Work With All Types Of Clients

Triangle Law Group handles matters of all sizes for our landlord-tenant clients. Clients range from individual landlords to large apartment companies to owners and tenants of shopping centers. Working with all types of clients better prepares us for the arguments we will face when a client is involved in a landlord-tenant matter.

Toxic Mold Issues

Triangle Law Group also has handled many toxic mold cases for clients in North Carolina. We are well-versed in protecting our clients’ interests when a toxic mold problem exists, whether it involves property damage, medical issues or both. Other law firms have retained us to assist them in this ever-changing, complex area of law.

We Find Creative Solutions To Landlord-Tenant Issues

At Triangle Law Group, we always seek to resolve problems quickly, using our creative approach to practicing law. Many problems can be resolved through a short telephone consultation.

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