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Commercial And Residential Landlord Services

As a landlord, you may find yourself asking questions such as: Can I change the locks if my tenant does not pay? How do I evict my tenant if he or she engages in criminal activity? Triangle Law Group can answer these and other common landlord questions that arise during the course of a residential or commercial lease.

Lawyers at Triangle Law Group represent landlords and property managers on lease matters in commercial and residential matters. We handle cases in Raleigh and Wake County and throughout North Carolina.

Let Our Experience Benefit You

Extensive experience in landlord-tenant law and litigation allows Triangle Law Group attorneys to quickly analyze the issue and move forward to finding a creative, cost-effective solution.

Laurie Gengo, the owner of Triangle Law Group, regularly presents seminars to other attorneys and landlords on landlord-tenant law issues in North Carolina. Laurie is also a landlord herself, so she brings her own personal experience to solving landlord-tenant issues.

We Provide Cost-Effective Solutions To A Wide Range Of Landlord-Tenant Issues

Triangle Law Group handles matters of all sizes for our landlord clients. These clients range from individual landlords who own one rental property to large apartment companies and shopping center owners. We can also assist property management companies and real estate brokers with landlord-tenant issues. We have a proven track record of resolving our clients’ lease issues cost-effectively.

Our services include drafting and modifying leases, resolving lease disputes and bringing eviction actions to remove a tenant and/or collect a money judgment for unpaid rent or damage to the premises. Triangle Law Group defends lawsuits filed against landlords for premises liability, injury and toxic mold exposure. We practice in all state courts and federal court. We also handle appeals from Magistrate’s Court to District Court.

Our lawyers handle many toxic mold cases for commercial and residential landlords. Such mold issues commonly arise due to water leaks and similar maintenance issues.

Prevention Is The Best Defense

The most important advice we offer is to be preventative. We urge all landlord clients to have a written lease and to allow us to draft or edit that lease before a tenant signs it. Obtaining a form lease off the Internet, as many landlords do, is not wise. North Carolina leases should contain certain provisions to protect all parties. Let Triangle Law Group work with you to prepare a solid lease to avoid problems from the outset. If a problem should arise, however, Triangle Law Group can handle this for you and reduce the stresses associated with being a landlord.

At Triangle Law Group, we solve problems through negotiation, alternative dispute resolution methods such as mediation and arbitration, and, as a last resort, litigation. We are experienced litigators and handle matters in state and federal courts.

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