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Raleigh Lawyers With Creativity

At Triangle Law Group, we believe that lawyers should be creative, not just analytical. That is why our tagline is “Lawyers Who Think Outside the Box.” We practice this philosophy in the practice of law.

We are a different kind of North Carolina law firm. We recognize that problems are best resolved by using a practical, creative approach. Such an approach may mean using nontraditional tools to resolve a legal dispute. In today’s trying economic times, litigation is not always the most cost-effective way to deal with a legal problem.

While our lawyers often litigate to achieve our clients’ objectives, we also use negotiation, mediation and arbitration to solve challenging legal problems. We are creative, dynamic and dedicated to helping our clients achieve their goals. Sometimes a very simple solution can resolve a very costly issue. We want our clients to resolve their legal issues with as little cost and stress as possible. We work hard to achieve that goal.

Triangle Law Group strives to treat all clients with the attention their situation deserves regardless of the size of the case. We recognize that today’s economy presents special challenges. We offer initial client consultations at reduced rates as a service to our clients and the public. If a client retains us, we use our creativity to resolve his or her legal issue with as little stress as possible.

Triangle Law Group practices in the following areas of law:

Business law

  • Advise clients on what type of business entity to create
  • Draft contracts and review contracts
  • Represent clients in litigation over business disputes
  • Assist clients in collecting money owed
  • Handle purchase and sale of small businesses
  • Representation of real estate brokers and firms

Collections and mechanic’s liens

  • Represent people who owe money in lawsuits in federal and state court
  • Represent creditors who wish to collect money informally or through a lawsuit in federal or state court
  • File mechanic’s liens for construction contractors and trades
  • Perfect mechanic’s liens in state court
  • Defend people who allegedly owe money in federal and state court

Construction law and construction defects

  • Draft and review contracts relating to residential and commercial construction
  • Represent clients in construct defect litigation
  • Prepare mechanic’s liens
  • Handle cases of toxic mold associated with moisture intrusion
  • Handle insurance disputes related to coverage under homeowners insurance policies
  • Collect money owed

Consumer rights

  • Defend tenants in foreclosures
  • Defend consumers in lawsuits, including credit card disputes
  • Assist consumers with insurance matters

Homeowners and condo association law

  • Represent homeowners in foreclosures on liens for unpaid dues
  • Advise homeowners regarding homeowners association (HOA) covenants
  • Interpret bylaws and restrictive covenants

Judgments and judgment law

  • Help creditors collect on judgments for money they are owed
  • Conduct post-judgment collections proceedings
  • Domesticate judgments from other states
  • Advise debtors on their rights if a judgment is entered against them

Landlord-tenant law

  • Draft commercial and residential leases and advise landlords and tenants regarding responsibilities under leases
  • Counsel investors who purchase foreclosed and short sale properties on North Carolina landlord-tenant law
  • Negotiate commercial and residential lease disputes and represent clients in eviction proceedings in small claims court
  • Advise clients regarding liabilities associated with toxic mold
  • Bring and defend against lawsuits regarding commercial and residential lease disputes in federal and state court

Licensing and administrative law

  • Respond to North Carolina Real Estate Commission complaints and defend in hearings
  • Represent brokers in litigation matters in federal and state court, including small claims court
  • Respond to North Carolina Licensing Board complaints and defend in hearings
  • Represent general contractors before the North Carolina Licensing Board for General Contractors

Litigation, mediation and arbitration

  • Represent clients in federal or state court in lawsuits
  • Handle business disputes and unfair or deceptive trade practices claims
  • Handle commercial and consumer collections
  • Resolve real estate broker and contractor licensing disputes
  • Pursue construction, toxic mold and construction defect litigation

Real estate law

  • Advise clients on boundary and title disputes
  • Represent consumers in real estate investment disputes and litigation
  • Handle lawsuits related to commercial or residential leases
  • Draft and review purchase contracts for commercial or residential property

Short sales, real estate contracts and foreclosures

  • Draft and review contracts to purchase residential and commercial properties
  • Draft leases and options to purchase
  • Work with real estate brokers to perform legal services required during the short sale and foreclosure process
  • Work with investors of properties purchased in a short sale or foreclosure
  • Advise clients on important legal issues related to short sales
  • Review foreclosure documents and advise regarding legal options
  • Handle wrongful foreclosure matters

Toxic mold and environmental law

  • Advise clients on toxic mold issues in homes, apartments or commercial buildings
  • Assess environmental risks related to real estate
  • Handle dry cleaning solvent trust fund claims
  • Handle underground storage tank trust fund claims
  • Handle challenges to DENR penalty assessments

Wills and estates

  • Draft simple wills
  • Draft health care powers of attorney
  • Draft living wills
  • Draft durable powers of attorney

Let Triangle Law Group put our experience, legal knowledge and innovative approach to law to work for you. Let us show you how we “think outside the box.”

We practice in Raleigh, Wake County, Durham, Durham County, Charlotte, Mecklenburg County, Winston-Salem, Guilford County, Forsyth County, Greensboro, Wilmington, New Hanover County, Cumberland County, Fayetteville and surrounding areas of North Carolina.

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