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Trouble with a violation of your rental contract? Get support

On Behalf of | May 11, 2020 | Landlord/tenant Matters |

When you agreed to let your new tenant rent your property, you were clear that subletting the property was not going to be allowed. Subletting leaves too many questions open, and it leaves your original tenant responsible for anything that subleasing tenant does.

You discussed subleasing with the tenant, and they said they wouldn’t need it. For months, everything seemed fine. Then, you had one month’s payment come late. When you reached out, they said they weren’t living there and had been letting a friend stay there instead. You immediately told them that the contract does not allow subleasing, but they thought that it wasn’t the same for some reason.

In the end, you told them that they’d be responsible for the rent and have to pay for any utilities or damages that were in their name. Additionally, they had violated the contract, so they would need to get all of their items and the other party’s items out of the property. They said that their friend refuses to leave, so that means that you now have to go through the trouble of calling the police and seeking further legal assistance.

You’ve found yourself in a tough situation, but the good news for you is that the original tenant will be able to be held liable for any of the rent that you’ve missed out on. You may not need to return their deposit, depending on the state of the property, and you could have other legal options open to you. Our website has more about what you can do if a tenant violates your rental contract.

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