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3 common legal challenges for new business owners

On Behalf of | Dec 18, 2023 | Business Law |

Deciding to start a new business can be a life-altering move. Someone can become their own boss, earn far more money and find greater personal fulfillment in their career. However, they will also need to accept quite a bit of risk and numerous challenges as they seek to start and grow a successful business.

There are many challenges that the average entrepreneur may struggle to overcome on their own. They could be at risk of the company failing or having personal liability for certain matters. The three legal issues below are often among the most common tasks that prove difficult for new business owners to manage on their own.

Forming a legal business entity

Launching a new business can be a very challenging process. The average person may have a hard time selecting the right legal business type and completing the necessary steps to form that sort of business. Many people would benefit from discussing their entrepreneurial dreams with an attorney to determine the right type of business they should start and how to complete that process for maximum personal protection.

Mitigating operational liability

Before someone starts providing professional services, producing products or selling goods, they need to protect themselves as the owner of the business. First, they will need to identify likely sources of liability for their organization. Next, they may need to find ways to reduce those specific types of liability. Some people need to draft very careful contracts, while others may need to purchase specialized insurance coverage. Even proper financial planning, including establishing separate bank accounts, can help someone limit their personal liability when starting a new business.

Complying with federal and state regulations

The average entrepreneur may have a great idea but a very limited understanding of how to turn that idea into a legal, profit-generating business. Some types of businesses may require state registration and licensing. Many others will require the involvement of certain federal authorities, including the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) if someone intends to hire employees. It can be very difficult for someone starting a new business to understand what their specific business model requires in terms of regulatory compliance.

Seeking legal guidance early in the business formation process can help aspiring entrepreneurs more efficiently overcome these common legal challenges.

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