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Ensuring that your contract addresses critical details

On Behalf of | May 3, 2019 | Contract Disputes |

Anytime you are drawing up a new contract with subcontractors for a project in North Carolina, chances are you follow a process to guarantee that you do not compromise the protection of your investment or the success of your project. At Triangle Law Group, we have helped people to better understand contract law and the components that are an integral part of a well-crafted agreement. 

When you spend adequate time articulating each clause of the contracts you write, the resulting documents can function as reference points for all parties to use when questions arise about each other’s responsibilities. A well-written agreement can also address how problems should be resolved and what consequences stand in the event a promise is not upheld. 

According to, when working with construction contracts, one of the most important aspects that you should address is how payment for various jobs will be handled. For example, you may disclose under what conditions you may withhold payment or how change orders will be addressed. You should also be specific in defining your expectations for how jobs should be completed. You should included in this clause specific timetables that denote when one contractor will finish a job and a subsequent contractor will take over. 

When you are familiar with what you should pay attention to when writing your contractual agreements, you may feel much more confident that you have written a legally valid contract that will stand in a court of law. For more information about writing a contract, visit our web page.  

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