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What if a contractor fails to complete work for your company?

On Behalf of | Dec 15, 2022 | Business Law |

Maybe you had to hire an outside expert for a project you wanted to complete for a client. Perhaps the project was an internal one, like remodeling your office space. When your business hires a contractor to do a job, you expect them to follow through and complete the project.

Even when you are very clear regarding your expectations in the contract that you negotiate, you may still find yourself in a situation where the other party fails to fulfill their contractual responsibilities. When you hire a contractor and they do not complete the project as you agreed, what options does your company have?

You may be able to file a breach of contract lawsuit

When the other party that signed a contract and fails to honor the terms of the contract, you can potentially go to court and ask a judge or support. Judges have the ability to enforce or potentially invalidate contracts.

However, you may have given up your ability to bring a lawsuit in court if the contract contains an arbitration clause.  Arbitration is an alternative process to resolve a contract dispute.

If you would prefer to have the contractor complete the project as originally negotiated, you could potentially request specific performance. Judges have the authority to order people to perform according to the contract they signed.

Filing a lawsuit may lead to a settlement

Sometimes, you have to involve an attorney and invoke the authority of the courts to get a contractor to take your business seriously. Although you can always go to court when you are unable to settle the dispute on your own, filing a lawsuit may motivate the other party to remedy the contractual breach.

Exploring options for addressing a contractor’s recent failures can help you protect your business and fulfill your contractual obligations to others.

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