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How to watch for some of the most common construction mistakes

On Behalf of | Jun 28, 2022 | Construction Litigation |

When you hire a construction company to build a new facility, expand your existing building or remodel specific spaces at a property, you expect them to do a good job. You will likely spend hours negotiating the exact outcome you want and the materials they should use.

However, thousands of construction projects every year eventually result in construction litigation brought by unsatisfied clients. Whether you are a homeowner waiting for a company to finish a remodel project on your kitchen or a business hiring others to build brand-new industrial facilities, construction mistakes could diminish how much value you receive for your investment in the project.

Watching out for some of the mistakes below can help you proactively address issues as they arise.

Water intrusion and building issues

Water intrusion can be one of the most problematic issues for a property. It can cause dampness throughout the building and damage to the structure due to mold growth.

Whether professionals failed to prevent water intrusion during their work or improperly applied the wrap intended to reduce moisture within the walls, there are many mistakes that could lead to mold growth and water damage at the property.

Building in the wrong order

There is a reason that most construction projects follow the same general process. The order in which the company performs certain tasks reflects not just the manpower and materials available but also best practices in the industry.

Performing stages of construction in the wrong order could lead to mistakes and could cause problems with the finished product.

Blueprint mistakes and material substitutions

If you have had multiple plans created and revised for the project, the possibility is there for the contractors to use the wrong plans for at least part of the project. Checking that everyone has the most current plans is important.

You may want to do something similar when it comes to the materials used, especially for residential renovations using upscale or prestige materials. Substitutions could drastically reduce the value of the upgrades to the property, and you may be able to catch a substitution before it occurs if you pay attention to what supplies arrive at the work site.

Monitoring a construction project can help you spot significant defects early and will help you avoid construction litigation or prepare for it earlier.

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