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How to get paid for your work on a construction project

On Behalf of | Jun 9, 2020 | Construction Litigation |

You and your team, as well as subcontractors you hired, worked hard on the project you completed for your client. You did everything in your power to get the project done on time, and you made sure that it was completed to the highest standards.

When you were finished with the work, you gave the client a bill. You expected them to pay the remaining compensation that was agreed upon in your contract.

The homeowner claims that they are not happy with the project’s final appearance, so they don’t want to pay. You did everything according to the homeowner’s specifications, and they won’t give you any instructions that would help you make adjustments to resolve the conflict.

What should you do? Think about a mechanic’s lien

A mechanic’s lien may be a good idea when you are dealing with nonpayment. So long as you completed the project as intended and fulfilled your contractual obligations, the mechanic’s lien will attach to the property provided it is filed within the statutory time frames under North Carolina law.  You will also need to file a lawsuit to “perfect” the lien, again within the required time frames.  Filing a lien can increase the chances that you will be paid for your hard work.

It is not fair for a client to refuse to pay after you’ve done so much work, especially since you rely on that compensation to pay others, like your employees and subcontractors. Your business law or construction law attorney can provide you with more details on the process.  Complying with the required time periods for liens is critical to protecting your ability to be paid.

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