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What should you do if a subcontractor makes a mistake?

On Behalf of | Jun 30, 2020 | Construction Litigation, Contract Disputes |

You have a great team of workers who you’ve been working with for years, but this job is much larger than what you usually take on. To help, you hired several subcontractors who you felt would do a great job on your project.

Unfortunately, one of the subcontractors keeps making mistakes that are hindering progress on the project. You’ve warned them before, but the third time they made a mistake was the final straw. You decided to end their contract then and there.

They claim that you’re in violation of the contract by not paying them in full for their work. You paid them what they are owed until the moment they were fired. They argue that the contract guaranteed them the job, but you said that their negligence made it dangerous for them to keep working with your team.

A conflict like this can quickly escalate, so it’s worth your time to try to stop it early on. You may want to talk to your attorney about the contract you have and verify that you are reading and understanding it properly. If you have paid out in accordance with the contract, then it should be possible to negotiate or speak with the other party about having the case dropped.

No matter what kind of dispute you have, you should try to work out the problems outside court when possible. However, if the other party sues you and you are stuck in a difficult position, seeking relief through the court may your best avenue of recourse.  Your attorney can talk to you more about your options if a conflict erupts.

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