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Certain building issues can lead to a construction dispute

On Behalf of | Mar 17, 2020 | Construction Litigation |

When planning a construction project in North Carolina and throughout the United States, the obvious goal is to have it completed as planned. Unfortunately, there are often challenges that come up during and after the project. This can lead to a construction dispute and potential litigation. Understanding common construction defects that can warrant a legal filing is important.

Since construction projects can encompass every aspect of building, the issue could be structural, electrical, related to windows and doors and more. Still, there are four basic categories in which defects commonly arise. They are design deficiencies, material deficiencies, construction deficiencies and subsurface deficiencies. All can cause a variety of damage ranging from minor to major.

When a design is created by an engineer or architect, it may not be completed as planned. Defects can occur. Typically, these are linked to failing to adhere to the necessary codes, which could cause structural problems and drainage issues. Some contractors use building materials of poor quality or that do not fit the specified need. This could end with functional gaps and damage that has a negative impact.

The actual work itself could be poor and cause construction deficiencies. For example, the failure to address foundational cracks or plumbing leaks could spark worsened condition and the need for repairs. Finally, any structure requires a stable foundation. In some areas, failure to have that stability can harm the structure, making it unsafe. Shifting, improper settling, a flood and other concerns might happen.

Given the potential for financial and personal loss because of defects, it is wise to understand how to address them. Legal assistance may be beneficial whether it is from the perspective of the contractor or the client. A law firm experienced in construction litigation may be able to help.

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