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Learn more about construction contract disputes

On Behalf of | Dec 10, 2019 | Contract Disputes |

Few things can derail home remodeling projects or grind commercial development projects to a halt like construction contract disputes. When these disputes arise, time is wasted, which means money is wasted. To get the best results when dealing with a construction contract dispute, you should protect your interests.

All forms of remodeling and construction projects involve many parties and lots of moving pieces. If one party does not fulfill their part of the contract, it can delay the whole project. Delays, defects, nonpayment disputes, and failing to perform the entire obligation set out in the contract are all common reasons behind construction breach of contract claims. The main goal when resolving a dispute is to protect a person’s financial rights.

It is important for a person to be sure that they are not giving their rights away before starting the project. This sometimes happens when homeowners sign construction contracts without consulting a legal professional. Contracts often favor a contractor instead of a homeowner. If a dispute was to arise in the future, the homeowner may be surprised that they no longer have the right to sue because they signed the construction contract. When an arbitration clause is included in a construction contract, the only way to dispute it is through arbitration.

Someone who is dealing with construction contract disputes, either as a homeowner or a business owner, will want to fully understand their rights. Our attorneys can help by explaining the ins and outs of resolving a dispute. To learn more about how to deal with potential problems, check out our page on construction contract disagreements.

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