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What are tenant red flags I should look for?

On Behalf of | Sep 3, 2018 | Landlord/tenant Matters |

As a landlord in Raleigh, you know that finding a quality tenant can be tough. While most renters are invested in keeping the property neat, following the law, and making sure rent is paid on time, others may flout rules and regulations on a regular basis. As explained by, the following are a few signs to look out for that could signal a problem tenant.

Lies or Omissions on the Application

It’s crucial that you thoroughly vet your tenants before offering them a unit. Even if the application appears valid, there could be lies or omissions that would change your mind were you privy to them. Be sure to check all references, including previous landlords and employers. Ask if you can perform a criminal background check for added safety. A person with prior criminal convictions is more likely to bring these illicit acts into your home, which could actually leave you liable for resulting issues.

Prior Evictions

Most landlords are willing to work with their tenants when issues arise. That’s why evictions are such a huge red flag. An eviction indicates that the landlord was pushed to the brink by the tenant’s actions and was forced to take legal measures. In most cases, evictions occur because rent was not paid, but other lease violations can also play a role.  

Reluctance to Undergo a Credit Check

Credit checks give you an idea of a tenant’s past financial history. While poor credit isn’t always an indication of poor character, it can signal that a person may struggle with paying rent. If a prospective tenant expresses reluctance to undergo a credit check, take it as a red flag. Also, remember that you can only perform a check if the applicant agrees to one.

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