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Dispute over the construction of a large hotel on public land

On Behalf of | Sep 20, 2018 | Construction Litigation |

An interesting part of the construction industry in North Carolina that many people do not see is all of the work that goes into negotiating terms and conditions before a new-build pops up. Long before a new building ever becomes visible to passers-by, there are rigorous communications that take place between land owners, community leaders and potential developers to agree on how to use the land for the most productive and environmentally friendly purpose. 

Sometimes, as demonstrated in a recent story out of Fort Myers, Florida, construction disputes can occur when two or more parties are unable to reach an amicable agreement about how a plot of land should be used. In this situation, a plot of land was approved for the construction of a large hotel, the Luminary Hotel, and now community members are fighting its approval. They claim that in a contract that was initially created in 1936, it was stated that the land would never be developed for anything other than a public park or yacht basin. Despite the ongoing contention, construction on the hotel has already begun. 

Currently, a trial date that was initially set for October 1 is being pushed back until December because of difficulties getting the court date scheduled. As such, the city is hoping for an extended deadline from the developer to clear up any existing contention and misunderstanding. In the meantime, it is assumed that the construction of the hotel will go on as scheduled. 

If people are involved in a dispute over the construction of new property, it is important that they work with an attorney to protect their assets. With a legal professional guiding the case, people may be able to avoid further repercussions that are commonly associated with costly construction disputes.  

Source: Wink News, “December trial date for Luminary Hotel issues could bring another issue,” Britni McDonald, Sept. 17, 2018

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