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Most expensive home defects and repairs

On Behalf of | Oct 31, 2017 | Construction Litigation |

Purchasing or building a home in North Carolina should be an exciting time, but poor quality construction could turn your home buying adventure into a nightmare. You should be on the lookout for warning signs of serious issues within your home in order to fix them promptly. Here at Triangle Law Group, we understand that some contractors do not fulfill their responsibilities adequately, and we fight to hold them accountable.

Several of the most detrimental construction defects can cause water damage within your home. According to, if your HVAC system is not installed properly for adequate ventilation, not only could you lose money on your utility bills, but your home could also become a hotbed for mold. Similarly, faulty plumbing throughout your home could cause significant damage and mildew buildup. In some cases, a plumbing issue could cause leaks within your flooring or walls, creating a monstrous problem over time. The first warning signs of these issues could be dripping faucets as well as stains in the walls or ceiling near the bathrooms and kitchen.

Even new homes can have serious electrical issues if the builders do not wire them correctly. If you notice light switch plates that are warm to the touch or flickering lights, you could have a problem with your electrical system. You should investigate these issues quickly, as faulty wiring could cause a fire.

Arguably the most concerning damages include your roof and your foundation. Signs of staining or leaking from your roof, as well as cracks along your foundation, could indicate that the builders of your home did not do their job correctly, and serious damage could occur as a result. More information about poor construction and its damaging effects is available on our webpage.

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