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July 2016 Archives

Construction contracts: Making words speak as loud as actions

When it comes to completing work on your home, the only things that limit your options are the laws, your imagination and the money in your bank account. If you have the funds, the ideas and the permission, you can hire people to complete just about any demolition or construction job.

Construction Projects and Associations- Beware!

One of the first things new homeowners do when they walk around their new place is to start imagining all the things they want to do to make it their own. They might think about a construction project such as opening up walls, putting in a deck, or putting in new landscaping.

Considering the implications of construction dispute resolutions

In previous posts, we have discussed the various ways in which disputes that arise before, during and after a construction project can be resolved. Options from mediation and arbitration to courtroom litigation all have the potential to resolve these types of arguments, but it is crucial that you take into account various factors before deciding for or against a particular method.

Don't move too fast when it comes time to move

Moving into a new home is an exciting (and stressful) event. Chances are you are very motivated to act fast and get your paperwork completed. Any delay can only draw out the process and push back a moving date, which can be devastating in a competitive housing market and if you have no place else to stay.

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