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June 2016 Archives

3 tips for finding a contractor and minimizing conflict

Deciding to renovate or build a house is not a decision North Carolina homeowners make lightly. Even minor projects can wind up being expensive and time-consuming, so once you decide to do this, it is critical that you hire the right people to help you.

3 options for resolving disputes between tenants and landlords

Signing a contract as a tenant or a landlord entitles you to certain protections and rights; it also binds you to certain responsibilities and obligations. In some cases, a signed lease is all you need to prevent disputes because it should explicitly detail the permissions and expectations for each party.

Acting fast can be critical in the event of construction delays

When it comes to home or office construction, people often joke about when a particular project is expected to be completed because it is not unusual for the completed date to get pushed further and further back because of delays. These delays are often frustrating and inconvenient, but sometimes they are unavoidable.

Toxic mold in your apartment? Take action now

Whether you're dealing with constant respiratory symptoms and wondering if mold could be the root cause or you have already found some in your apartment, mold is not something any tenant wants to deal with. However, it's common in humid and poorly ventilated environments, such as bathrooms and basements, and knowing what your rights and obligations are as a tenant can help you if mold ends up being an issue.

3 mistakes to avoid if you're filing a mechanic's lien

Filing a mechanic's lien is one of the more aggressive -- but necessary -- ways that a general contractor, subcontractor or supplier can collect payment for completed work. It is a very complex process, and in articles on our website, we discuss some of the challenges of filing a mechanic's lien. For instance, we discuss the complications that can arise if the developer or owner files for bankruptcy.

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