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Settle construction disputes quickly with these tips

On Behalf of | Apr 8, 2020 | Contract Disputes |

Construction projects often turn into contract disputes. 

Consider this scenario: You have been happily working with a subcontractor on a construction project for the last several years, but lately, they have not performed as agreed. They have not been showing up on the jobsite, and some of the building supplies they have been using have been defective.

The project has deadlines for completion that may not be met due to the oustanding issues.  What can you do to resolve this dispute quickly so things can get back on track?

1. Try Mediation

Mediation takes place in a less-formal atmosphere and gives you an opportunity to talk through the dispute with the other party. A third-party Mediator is also there to guide the conversation. Together, you can try to see if there is any kind of resolution that would work.

2. Try Arbitration

Your contract, assuming you have one, may have an Arbitration clause. If so, then you will need to go to Arbitration to resolve the contract dispute. With Arbitration, you’ll present your side of events, and the other party will do so as well. An Arbitrator will make a decision on how to resolve the conflict.

These two options aren’t the only two available, but they are potentially positive ways to resolve disputes.

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