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What should I look for in a construction manager?

On Behalf of | Jun 12, 2019 | Construction Litigation |

Construction managers are the backbone for projects large and small. To ensure the construction process progresses smoothly and doesn’t encounter any significant snags, the manager must be involved in numerous aspects of the job. That’s why it’s vital that a construction manager has certain characteristics, which greatly increase the chance of success. The Balance explains what you should look for when hiring a construction manager. 

A good construction manager should have knowledge of many different tasks. On any given day, a manager may be faced with a schedule packed full of seemingly diverse duties. This includes working on budgets, inspecting job sites, conferring with engineers, making sure safety measures are taken, hiring subcontractors, and negotiating contracts. Knowledge of these many diverse tasks not only ensures a successful project, it also helps build confidence among other staff.

Working within so many different departments also requires stellar communication skills. This is crucial to make sure others understand directives provided, as well as comprehending the larger goal that is the construction project. Even a well-planned project is bound to fall apart when communication is lacking. In the same token, a construction manager must always be available to answer questions when needed. This requires being on-call for the duration of the project.

Lastly, a construction manager must be willing to work long hours. In most cases, the work day starts at dawn and extends later into the evening hours. This work schedule reflects the numerous duties a construction manager is responsible for which tend to happen at all hours of the day. Bouncing from meetings to the work site and back again requires an early start and sufficient energy to ensure they remain up to every task. 

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