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How should I deal with a bad contractor?

On Behalf of | Jan 9, 2019 | Construction Litigation |

Home renovation is rarely easy. If your contractor performs subpar work, you’re probably in search of a way to recover on the cost of improvements or have repairs made to restore your home. House Logic explains what you should do if your contractor isn’t living up to his end of the bargain.

Document mistakes

If you’re extremely displeased by your contractor’s actions, chances are you’ll take steps to fire him. Having documentation of what led up to the firing can be extremely helpful in this case, as it will provide a clear timeline of wrongdoing. Also, carefully document any breaches in the contract in the event your contractor attempts to file a counterclaim. This will establish a legal basis for the dismissal.

Look for mediation services

If you find the issue going nowhere, consider mediation to determine if the contractor is at fault. A mediator will look at both sides of the issue and suggest a remedy that fairly resolves the matter. In some cases, the contractor may be ordered to refund any money paid. In others, he may be asked to fix any mistakes made without passing on any cost to the client. While mediation can be helpful, many contractors are reluctant to undergo the process.

Talk with an attorney

You can also file suit against the contractor. This option is usually reserved for costlier projects where there is more on the line financially. Even if your contractor is unwilling to participate it may be possible to recoup your money via a recovery fund. The rules of the recovery fund vary from state to state, and your attorney can explain which options are available to you. 

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