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As Hurricane Florence approaches, many North Carolina residents fear that their home may be damaged. Should this occur, keep calm and have an action plan ready before the damage occurs!

Here are some things you can do to be prepared if you need to act quickly:

1. Prepare a list of telephone numbers of disaster response companies to use if needed

2. Have your insurance policy readily available so you can promptly report your claim

3. Before hiring anyone to repair your home, read the terms of the written contract carefully. Be skeptical if the contract limits your rights if the repairs are not performed properly

4. Understand how much the repair will cost and how the contractor will be paid (will your insurance company be billed directly, or must you pay the contractor first and then be reimbursed?)

5. Double check the work and billing invoice to be sure you do not pay for something you did not receive

We hope these pointers will prove useful if you sustain any property damage. Be careful everyone!

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