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Signs of a faulty foundation

On Behalf of | Aug 31, 2017 | Construction Litigation |

Homeowners in North Carolina who are hoping to build their dream home often put their trust entirely in contractors to do the work. While they expect quality work and attention to detail, sometimes that is not the case. One of the areas which could cause the most significant damage to a home is a faulty foundation. Therefore, it is imperative to see the warning signs before the problem requires major repair or replacement.

According to, both old and new homes may be susceptible to foundation troubles. Common warning signs of a problem include doors that become difficult to close or open, water damage from the outdoors and bowing or cracked walls. If the issue is major enough, a whole new foundation may need to be installed, and this project could cost thousands of dollars. Some foundation problems may be a result of poor excavation of the site when the home was built.

The National Post explains that the type of cracks evident along a home’s walls may indicate whether the foundation is seriously damaged or not. Even well-built homes experience minor settling, and small cracks may appear as a result. However, horizontal cracks could be an indication of serious damage. Similarly, stair-step cracks in bricks or cinder blocks may be causing water damage to the interior of the home. Imperfections in the walls that expand over time indicate that there may be a greater problem present within the foundation. Any of these warning signs could require intervention in order to prevent significant damage to the home as a whole.

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