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When is my landlord allowed to keep my security deposit?

On Behalf of | Jul 10, 2017 | Landlord/tenant Matters |

If you are a renter in Raleigh, you likely had to hand over a security deposit to your landlord at the time you signed your lease. When you move out, that amount may be returned to you. However, in some situations the landlord may be entitled to keep some or all of it. While every lease is different, here are some common situations where a landlord may not have to return your security deposit.

Depending on the terms of your lease, return of your security deposit may be dependent on the condition of the property at the time you move out, according to the Balance. While landlords expect that some minor cleaning and repairs may need to be done, if they have to undertake big projects such as hiring a cleaning crew or replacing a stained carpet, the cost may come out of your security deposit.

Another way to ensure that you get your security deposit returned to you is to make sure that you adhere to the terms of your lease. If you fail to pay your rent on time or move out before your lease term is over, your landlord may be entitled to keep some or all of your security deposit to make up for his or her loss.

It is important to remember that your lease should outline the exact circumstances under which you may forfeit your security deposit. Therefore, it is important to always read it carefully and fully understand its terms before signing. This information on this topic is general in nature and is not intended to be legal advice.

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