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landlord/tenant matters Archives

Work with experienced attorney to protect your interests in commercial lease negotiation, P.2

Previously, we began discussing the topic of commercial lease negotiation, and the importance of working with an experienced attorney. As we noted last time, tenants can always benefit from working with a skilled attorney who is able to help them overcome disadvantages in the bargaining process and ensure their interests are advocated.

Work with experienced attorney to protect your interests in commercial lease negotiation, P.1

Running a successful business depends on successful navigation of a number of issues, and one of them is commercial leasing. For any business, and especially for businesses that are just starting up, negotiating commercial leasing can be daunting. In any commercial lease negotiation, it is critical to work with an experienced attorney to ensure one has advice and advocacy throughout the process.

Is your landlord acting unlawfully?

You've been living in your same apartment for quite some time. You do your best to pay your rent on time and adhere to the various rules and regulations contained within your contract. Just when you thought everything was going well, you open your mailbox and find an eviction notice. There was no warning, and no apparent reason - just a signed letter from your landlord telling you to move out within 30 days.

Dealing with mold problems: tenants’ rights under the warranty of habitability, P.2

Last time, we began looking at the how tenants can potentially address mold problems under the warranty of habitability. As we noted, the warranty of habitability requires landlords to maintain leased property in safe and livable condition, and tenants are able to enforce the warranty in court as long as they aren’t personally responsible for the mold damage through their own negligence.

Dealing with mold problems: tenants' rights under the warranty of habitability

Mold can be a problem in any property where water leaks occur, whether from piping or from the elements. Mold damage not only can negatively impact the integrity of a property, but it can also cause health problems for residents, causing allergic reactions, mycotoxin poisoning, and fungal infections. There are certain steps residents can take to address mold problems, but when mold problems are extensive and deep, it may not be possible to address the problems on their own.

The importance of written contracts for landlords

Some landlords operate on oral leases or agreements with their tenants. While there is technically nothing illegal or "wrong" about this, you should be aware of the risks associated with it. As a landlord, having a written contract is very important if a dispute arises between you and a tenant. Here are some of the major reasons a written agreement helps to settle disputes:

Looking at state law surrounding the eviction of tenants suspected of criminal activity, P.4

In our last post in this series on expedited evictions, we noted that there are certain recognized legal defenses for tenants in complete conviction cases, the most drastic type of eviction actions.

Looking at state law surrounding the eviction of tenants suspected of criminal activity, P.3

In recent posts, we’ve been looking at the issue of eviction of tenants involved in criminal activity. We’ve noted that pursuing expedited eviction of such tenants is the most effective way of handling such situations, and that there are several types of eviction that may be pursued, each with its set of own requirements which must be met for an eviction action to be successful.

Looking at state law surrounding the eviction of tenants suspected of criminal activity, P.2

Previously, we began looking at the topic of expedited eviction of tenants, which we pointed out to be the most efficient way for landlords to address situations where tenants are involved in criminal activity in connection with the leased property.  

Looking at state law surrounding the eviction of residential tenants suspected of criminal activity, P.1

Landlord-tenant relations are not always easy to navigate, whether as a landlord or as a tenant. Both tenants and landlords owe one another specific duties, and failure to abide by those duties can result in legal disputes. This is especially prevalent in an eviction situation of tenants suspected of criminal activity.

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