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Options for pursuing a refund for shoddy home repairs

After you saved enough money or bit the bullet and took out a home improvement loan, you got estimates for the renovations and repairs you needed and hired the contractor who offered the best deal. Months later, your money is gone with the contractor, and you are less than satisfied with the final product. Perhaps the work is substandard, or maybe the contractor didn't even complete the work he or she agreed to in the contract.

I don't own much. Do I need a will?

If you don't think you need a will, or just haven't gotten around to getting one, you are in good company. Up to two-thirds of Americans, including many here in North Carolina, don't have one. Right now, you may be thinking that if that many people don't have a will, what's the big deal?

Do I have to pay my subcontractor?

Running your own contracting business in North Carolina is both exhilarating and rewarding. You deal with many people who have a variety of skills, and you work together to see a project to its completion. However, you probably can't remember a project where there hasn't been some problem. Whether a minor setback or a major conflict, as the contractor, it is your responsibility to resolve the issue and keep the project on schedule.

The next step when you've been stiffed

Despite inevitable glitches with obtaining supplies and building materials, you completed the project on time and are rather proud of the work your company did. You may have even allowed the customer to make last minute changes that were inconvenient for you but satisfied the client. Perhaps you hoped this would help you build a positive reputation and a repeat customer.

When is your personal safety the responsibility of the landlord?

When you look for a home or business space to rent in North Carolina, one of your main concerns is your personal safety. As a renter, you have the right to assume you will be reasonably safe while on the premises of your rental, no matter your income, budget or rental payment each month.

I found a defect in my home's construction! What can I do?

Many people in North Carolina purchase homes, but not as many are able to have a home built to their specifications in which no one else has ever lived. You painstakingly chose its design, paint and flooring, among other things. You may have even stopped by the construction site often to watch the progress.

Understanding the mechanics of a mechanics lien

Despite the name, a mechanic's lien is a tool that North Carolina contractors and construction suppliers commonly employ when they are seeking payment on a remodeling project or improvement project. Understanding mechanics' liens can be confusing, but they may be an effective way to obtain outstanding payment on a project.

A sure-fire estate plan for a complicated family

One of the most important benefits of creating an estate plan is to ensure your final wishes are clear and respected by law. You have likely put a lot of time into considering the elements of your plan. However, perhaps you can't avoid the painful truth that no matter how fair you try to be, some of your potential heirs are likely to raise a fuss, perhaps even dragging your estate through a contentious probate dispute.

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