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Dianne Hyneman, Litigation Paralegal And Private Investigator

Photo of Dianne Hyneman

Dianne Hyneman served as a Litigation Paralegal and Private Investigator at TLG. She assists with discovery issues and assists the attorneys with factual and witness investigations, among other things. Dianne is a North Carolina native who returned to Raleigh after several years of living up and down the east coast. While living outside of North Carolina, Dianne held a variety of jobs which included working in medical offices and serving as a coordinator for a Mediation and Arbitration company. Upon returning to Raleigh in 2000, Dianne began her career as a Private Investigator. While working as a Private Investigator conducting surveillance efforts nights and weekends, Dianne held a full-time job as a Paralegal for a local personal injury law firm. Most recently, Dianne worked in the Special Investigations Unit for a major insurance investigation company as a Fraud Investigator, covering the State of North Carolina.

Having always played sports in high school and college, Dianne remains active and can often be found at the gym, working out to stay healthy. Dianne loves to read any kind of mystery or thriller and swore she would never give up books for a tablet-type device, but the iPod prevailed. Dianne enjoys spending time at the beach with her husband and their two dogs, often taking last minute day trips to Topsail Island just to sit on the beach and remember how to relax.