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May 2019 Archives

How bad is it to have mold in the home?

It is a situation straight out of a nightmare for residents and landlords alike. Just after you move in and start to turn your new place into a home, you discover the dreaded black spots behind the toilets, underneath countertops and in other nooks and crannies. You have mold. Regardless of whether you rent your home or you are the landlord, you and other North Carolina residents may be interested in learning about the potential safety and financial impacts of residential mold.

Ensuring that your contract addresses critical details

Anytime you are drawing up a new contract with subcontractors for a project in North Carolina, chances are you follow a process to guarantee that you do not compromise the protection of your investment or the success of your project. At Triangle Law Group, we have helped people to better understand contract law and the components that are an integral part of a well-crafted agreement. 

Don't rush your choice of contractors

Few home renovations are cheap, and a quality upgrade may require a sizable investment. You likely did your research. Perhaps it began with evenings on the sofa scrolling through window and wall treatments, appliances and fixtures. Now, you have established a budget, narrowed your choices and decided it was time to start looking for a contractor who can help you meet your goals.

Home inspections: why they are important

No one who buys a house in North Carolina wants to discover a nasty surprise in the home like a moldy wall, a heater that is faulty, or cracked flooring. Sellers also want to avoid unpleasant surprises, since a buyer who finds problems before a sale might insist on a lower price due to the home's issues. To prevent a good deal from going down, buyers and sellers alike should consider having the home they want to sell or buy inspected before a purchase is finalized.

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