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How can I avoid issues during home improvement?

If you're thinking about improving your home in North Carolina, you know that finding the right contractor is essential. After all, you'll be spending a lot of money to renovate your property, and before making any decisions you want to be sure of a quality product. To help you avoid serious issues with construction litigation down the line, How Stuff Works recommends looking for the following red flags.

Has problems communicating

How a contractor communicates with you in the beginning will give you a taste of what's to come. For example, if you're having a hard time getting messages returned or the person is never available when you call, think about how difficult it will be to have issues addressed when the project is already in motion. Along with a lack of communication, also look out for contractors who are unnecessarily bad-tempered or rude. It's the contractor's responsibility to answer your questions and make sure you're informed throughout the project, and failure to do so can directly impact the results.

Refuses to sign a contract

A contract ensures that everyone is on the same page regarding work performed and costs. Without one in place, you have no legal standing if the completed job is not satisfactory. Contracts also protect the person performing renovations, so when one refuses to make an official agreement, it's a very negative sign. Also, steer clear of contractors who attempt to cut corners or claim that a building permit isn't applicable when it clearly is.

Requests most of the money upfront

Any requests for money for the pending project shouldn't exceed more than 15% of the total cost. With many home improvement projects, money is remitted as each project milestone is met, which ensures the customer is satisfied and the contractor can access the resources he needs. Asking for most of the money upfront is a huge red flag since there is no real guarantee that the work will be completed or that you'll be satisfied with it.

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