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A closer look at how construction disputes are caused

If you are preparing for a big project and need to begin putting contracts into place with construction agencies you have negotiated with, chances are you have already started to discuss what preventative measures can be put into place to avoid costly disputes. At Triangle Law Group, we have helped many North Carolina construction companies to work through difficult contract challenges. 

Often, construction disputes are the result of miscommunication stemming from a variety of incidents. According to Construction Executive, some of the common reasons that disagreements arise is because of the following:

  • Negligence: If you put a contract in place but fail to abide by its terms, you are setting the scene for contention. As soon as contractual terms have been approved by both parties, it is imperative that you uphold your promises.
  • Misunderstanding: If you or the other party are unclear on what certain clauses of the contract mean, confusion could result in a dispute. While you may believe that you are correct, the other party you have contracted with may think they are right. By clearly articulating contract obligations from the beginning, you can avoid misunderstanding during the construction process. 
  • Dishonesty: If you accuse the other party of not keeping their promises, but do not take the adequate time to prove your hunch, a costly dispute could be started. Your honesty and integrity throughout the process can significantly reduce the chance that contention occurs. 
  • Procrastination: If you choose to procrastinate in delivering your portion of the agreement, the other party may get impatient and accuse you of failing to abide by the contract.

When you are aware of the common reasons why a construction dispute may occur, you can be better prepared to take preventative measures against unnecessary tension. For more information about managing a construction contract, visit our web page.  

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