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October 2017 Archives

Most expensive home defects and repairs

Purchasing or building a home in North Carolina should be an exciting time, but poor quality construction could turn your home buying adventure into a nightmare. You should be on the lookout for warning signs of serious issues within your home in order to fix them promptly. Here at Triangle Law Group, we understand that some contractors do not fulfill their responsibilities adequately, and we fight to hold them accountable.

What should be in your construction contract?

Before you sign an agreement with a general contractor to have work done on your home in North Carolina, you want to make sure that you do, in fact, agree on all the terms it includes. According to FindLaw, there are several key aspects of the construction contract that you should review carefully.

I found a defect in my home's construction! What can I do?

Many people in North Carolina purchase homes, but not as many are able to have a home built to their specifications in which no one else has ever lived. You painstakingly chose its design, paint and flooring, among other things. You may have even stopped by the construction site often to watch the progress.

A landlord's legal obligations to a tenant

When a landlord and a tenant sign a lease agreement for a residential property in North Carolina, the landlord is agreeing to more than simply collecting payments. The Office of the Attorney General states that the tenant can expect certain  duties to be fulfilled even if they are not outlined in the contract.

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