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February 2017 Archives

Work with experienced attorney to protect your interests in commercial lease negotiation, P.1

Running a successful business depends on successful navigation of a number of issues, and one of them is commercial leasing. For any business, and especially for businesses that are just starting up, negotiating commercial leasing can be daunting. In any commercial lease negotiation, it is critical to work with an experienced attorney to ensure one has advice and advocacy throughout the process.

Is your landlord acting unlawfully?

You've been living in your same apartment for quite some time. You do your best to pay your rent on time and adhere to the various rules and regulations contained within your contract. Just when you thought everything was going well, you open your mailbox and find an eviction notice. There was no warning, and no apparent reason - just a signed letter from your landlord telling you to move out within 30 days.

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