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Scope of work and change orders in construction contracts

As contractor bidding on a construction project in North Carolina, you may expect many parties to be involved if you win the bid, including the owner, design team and subcontractors. Identifying exactly what each is responsible for allows you to avoid liability when someone else is at fault. This is where the construction contract comes in, and we at Triangle Law Group are skilled at negotiating these documents so that terms and clauses do not damage a client’s reputation and bottom line.

Two different ways to structure energy contracts, and the importance of experienced legal counsel

Last time, we began looking at a state bill that would rework the regulatory scheme governing the bidding and negotiation of renewable energy projects. As we noted, the bill would put Duke Energy in charge of the bidding process for these projects, which is a cause of concern to private energy developers, who have been increasingly shut out by the utility.

Renewable energy developers oppose bill reworking regulation of project bidding process

Clean energy is a growing and competitive industry, and regulating of the industry requires careful balancing of multiple factors. Among these factors is the need to protect consumers, as well as the need to encourage growth and innovation.

Looking at some strategies for allocating risk in construction contracts, P.2

Last time, we began looking at some of the strategies that can be used to allocate risk in construction contracts, and the importance of working with an experienced attorney to negotiate risk allocation in the formation of construction contracts. Last time, we mentioned warranties and representations, as well as payment terms and conditions, as potential ways to allocate risk.

Looking at some strategies for allocating risk in construction contracts, P.1

For both property owners/developers and contractors, careful negotiation of construction contracts is important to ensure a party’s rights and interests are protected. One important aspect of construction contract negotiation that should always be thoroughly explored is risk allocation.

Work with experienced legal counsel to protect your construction contract termination rights

In our last post, we began looking at a dispute between the State of North Carolina and a contractor who agreed to head up the construction of a psychiatric hospital in Morganton. As we noted, the contractor is bracing for the possibility that the Department of Health and Human Services will cancel the contract, and has said that it will plan to sue for wrongful termination if the contract is terminated.

NC couple sues reality show production company over substandard construction work, P.2

Previously, we began discussing a lawsuit filed by a North Carolina couple against the production company for the HGTV show "Love It Or List It." As we noted, the couple has made a number of allegations against the show's production company.

Addressing liability for delays in construction projects, P.2

In our last post, we began looking at the issue of construction delays, and the importance of determining what specific aspects of the project caused the delay, who is responsible for the delay, and whether the delay entitles a contractor to a time extension or compensation, or the property owner to compensation.

Addressing liability for delays in construction projects

Delays disputes are one of most common contract disputes in construction projects. Depending on the nature and details of the project, and the type and extent of the delay, as well as any remedial measures taken, the costs of delays can be little or great. When the costs are great, parties want to litigate, and rightly so.

Work with experienced legal counsel to navigate EPC contracts

In our previous post, we began looking at a recent federal case involving an engineering, procurement and construction contract for a project in Florida. As we noted, EPC contracts are commonly used in construction projects in the power sector, but also in other sectors. Whenever they are used, it is important for all parties to work with experienced legal counsel to ensure their interests are represented in the final agreement and that their rights are protected if the contact is breached in the course of the progression of the project.

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